Climb Up to the Treehouse: New Book Jacket Summary Added

To read about my creative works-in-progress, or for a list of cool (and kid-friendly) links to author/book series website, visit the Treehouse!

Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter: Coming Soon…

…to a bookstore and movie theatre near you! Two exciting releases to look forward to…


(1) Eoin Colfer fans are getting ready for The Atlantis Complex, the 7th installment in the popular Artemis Fowl series. It releases on August 3rd, and you can preorder it here: (see my Bookshelf page for a little review of the entire action-packed series!)

(2) And, of course, as any lover of children’s fantasy will know, Part I of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be taking cinemas by storm this November. (I, for one, am rereading the entire HP series in preparation :-P)  Visit the official site for the trailer:

My Words as a Cloud

A friend recently introduced me to a site called Wordle (, where you can paste a selection of text into a blank field and turn it into a “word cloud.” The size of each word in the cloud is indicative of its frequency in the text. Such a simple idea, yet a brilliant new way to waste time (you can keep randomizing until you get a cloud with a shape/color scheme that you really like). Below is the word cloud I generated with the text from my first post on this blog. Cool, huh?

Creativity Word Cloud

Page Updates

Check out the new link in the Junk Drawer (Grammar Girl: Quick & Dirty Tips for Writing), and also check out the polls page for a couple of new polls!

(Not that anyone was responding to the polls that were already there, but here’s to hoping for a sudden influx of poll-loving readers. In other words, psychologists: increase the N value!)

New Page

Check out the newest addition to the blog, “The Dictionary.” It a just-for-fun page where I’ll post definitions for cool words that I come across. It’s not directly related to the psychology of creativity, but I figure it might be of some interest to my fellow writers.

New page…

Check out the page I just added — The Junk Drawer — for random links, etc!

Elephants never forget...but sometimes they do go missing.

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The Gulf Coast: You Can Help!

Oops--I guess the grumpy sea turtle swam away.

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