Sweet Summertime

Hello readers,

Sorry for the long stretch of inactivity. I allllmost finished my Master’s thesis before the end of the semester, but unfortunately there was just too much to be done and not enough time to do it, so I had to postpone my defense until the fall. Oh well! I guess that will give me plenty of time to make revisions… 

The end of the school year was very busy, but now I have the summer off. I had my first neck surgery on June 8th (to relieve some nerve/artery compression), and I’ll be having a second one at the end of July if all goes as planned. So, this summer will be dedicated solely to rest and relaxation so that I can recover in time for the beginning of classes in September!

Since my first surgery, my computer usage has been limited, but I’m finally starting to feel better and will make posts here and there before I go under the knife again. For now, check out some new additions to The Dictionary page.

Thanks for reading, and come back soon!

Elephants never forget...but sometimes they do go missing.

Image © World Wildlife Fund (WWF.org)


The Gulf Coast: You Can Help!

Oops--I guess the grumpy sea turtle swam away.

Image © World Wildlife Fund